"The most profitable thing we've ever done."
- Edward E.
CFO of Healthcare Solutions Direct
Lead Generation

"We are going to have to hire more people now."
- Taylor P.
CEO of JeepPeople.com

How it Works


Text Alerts
Text message alerts for new leads improve response time & contact ratio.

Call Tracking
Clearly see which calls to your business came from PerfectClick.

Keyword Optimization
Automatically adjust keyword bids to profit maximizing levels.

Landing Page Optimizer
Analyze actual user data to reveal simple adjustments you can make to increase engagement rates & drive more conversions.

Device Targeting
PerfectClick automatically adjusts how ads for your business run on different user device types & operating systems to maximize results.

Geographic Report
Identify hot & cold regions. Automatically shift ad spend to maximize sales by geographic area.

Ad Scheduling
Your ads will automatically adjust to run at peak times. Save money by not showing ads during low converting periods.

Multi-Network Support
Automatically balance spending across all major PPC platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn & others to generate the greatest returns and highest sales volume.


Lead Generation

Starting at 9% of Ad Spend
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Starting at 3.5% Commission
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What is PerfectClick?

PerfectClick is a digital marketing agency that gives you the best of both worlds. We offer both the traditional agency experience with dedicated human account managers and live phone/email support, as well proprietary, cutting edge software and a powerful dashboard that puts you in complete control. You get to decide if you want the full agency experience with human management or to save money with a software only plan. Together, our multi-strategy approach allows PerfectClick to provide superior results at an affordable price when compared with the other guys.

500% Average Returns

At PerfectClick, our clients enjoy industry-leading results. According to a 2015 study by Nielsen, industry average is 2.87x ROAS. Our clients see a 5x average return on ad spend - and that's pretty awesome.

With the help of data scientists, software engineers, and marketing experts we have developed cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions for management of Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Bing, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube PPC marketing campaigns. The results speak for themselves.

Unmatched Compatibility

PerfectClick is designed to work with all major marketing platforms. That means not only can we help you set up and optimize Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, but also create and manage compelling YouTube video marketing campaigns, Bing and Yahoo search ads, Twitter ads, Reddit, Instagram, and even direct mail marketing.

PerfectClick is also smart enough to segment different types of traffic from the same source; so if you want to see how your paid Facebook Ads compare against organic traffic from your Facebook page, that's no problem. You can track every single conversion back to it's source, allowing clients to see which post, picture, or tweet drove the most conversions. PerfectClick provides invaluable data that empowers you to do more of what works and stop wasting resources on what doesn't.

The PerfectClick Difference

What makes marketing campaigns managed by PerfectClick fundamentally better?

For our e-commerce clients, we offer the option to upload data for all of your SKUs or sync with your Google Merchant account if you have one. PerfectClick will use this data to maximize profits by striking the perfect balance between margins and sales volume. Our advanced AI management will also adapt on the fly, getting smarter with time, and self-optimizing to adjust even if market conditions change or your business is seasonal.

For customers looking to generate their own leads, PerfectClick can integrate data from Salesforce or your dialer system to gain next level insight into how best to optimize your marketing campaigns - maximizing closing rates and minimizing your cost per deal. Another major advantage of generating leads with PerfectClick is that leads are sent to your dialer within seconds of a prospect searching for your service online. Compare this to third party lead vendors who sell leads that are hours or even days old. Being able to reach prospects faster means you close more deals.

All of our clients receive weekly email updates containing a performance summary and a simple, easy to follow list of recommended steps for improving future performance.


Our proprietary technology doesn't just make us better, PerfectClick also costs less than the competition. Since we've been able to train robots to do most of the hard work, PerfectClick can pass the savings on to you.

Don't Wait

Our team of experts can help you with any marketing project big or small. Even if you've tried pay per click marketing in the past and struggled to generate a profit, we can help. Try PerfectClick risk-free for 30 days. Schedule your consultation today, and let PerfectClick supercharge your business!